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Book-Adoption Program

Utolsó módosítás: 2013-01-25 12:20


Since its 2005 founding, University Library Foundation supports the Library's Book-adoption Program. By means of it adopters can support protection (restoration, digitization, etc.) of the historical documents of the Library, as well as other goals of the Foundation.












The University Library’s collection has been expanding since 1561. The library holdings include almost 1.5 million books which need constant conservation and preservation, while some are already in urgent need of restoration. The main objectives of the adoption program are preventive protection as well as conservation and restoration of the books and of other documents written on parchment or paper-based objects which are held in the collection of the University Library.

Restoration process

    assessment of the condition of the book
    proposal for the method of the elimination of harmful factors
    examination of the material of the book
    disinfection, cleaning, bleaching
    repairing damages
    book binding by means of original technology
    cleaning and conservation of hammered brass works, stamps, wooden tables and metallic book holders.


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167 162
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165 166


For details and conditions of the adoption process and for the list of adoptable books inquire at the contacts of University Library Foundation.

Check the adopted books here