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The organization of K21


The organization of K21 is flexible to accommodate to the goals and tasks outlined in the Action Plans. The head of K21 is the Deputy Director of the University Library, the leaders of the workgroups are the heads and department heads of the member libraries. K21 has an external consultant as well.

In 2011 based on the Action Plan we created the position of quality development consultant. Each member library has a person responsible for quality development whose task is to put quality development principles and plans into practice in her library.


We are awaiting new members!


K21 is open to recruit new members! We are extending our membership to new colleagues from all member libraries. We hope that more and more librarians want to join us.


K21 Project Manager:

Ms. Katalin Kálóczi

Deputy Director, University Library

kaloczi [dot] katalin [at] lib [dot] elte [dot] hu


External consultant:

Dr. Zsuzsanna Ficzkó

zsficzko [at] t-online [dot] hu


Workgroups of K21:


1.  Quality Coordination Team



2. Evaluation Management Team



3. Primary Research Team

Teamn leader: Gabriella Virág (UL)

virag [dot] gabriella [at] lib [dot] elte [dot] hu


4. Process Management Team

Teamn leader: Ms. Nelli Köntös (FH)

kontosn [at] caesar [dot] elte [dot] hu


5. Communicatuons Team

Team leader: Mónika Zsámboki (UL)

zsamboki [dot] monika [at] lib [dot] elte [dot] hu


6. Green Library Team

Team leader: Ms. Zsuzsanna Kutasi (FH)

kutasi [dot] zsuzsanna [dot] seas [at] btk [dot] elte [dot] hu


7. Team for the Solutions for Disabled

Team leader: Ms. Krisztina Bergmann (BGSE)

bergmann [dot] krisztina [at] barczi [dot] elte [dot] hu