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Utolsó módosítás: 2011-12-28 15:35

The long-term goal of K21 is to fulfill the requirements of Quality Prize for Libraries and Qualified Library title set by the Ministry of  Education and Culture to be achieved by libraries.

In order to win the prize the goals of K21 have to be revised and tailored as well as a flexible working method and structure have to be formed.


Working out a self-evaluation framework

In 2009 based on the EFQM's Model of Excellence and the national and professional patterns we worked out a self-evaluation framework. This special, tailor-made framework had to be created due to the special organizational structure and cooperation method of the library network of Eötvös Lorand University.


Completing self-evaluation

In 2010-ben we started to do self-evaluation in the libraries of Eötvös Lorand University the result of which was a  helpful compass  to set the goals for the following year.


Process management

In 2011 our main goal was to map and standardize the processes in the libraries while compiling the  Quality  Management Manual.

Satisfaction research

In 2012 our biggest project will be the research of satisfaction of our internal and external target groups.