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Library of Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teachers Training

Opening hours
Monday: 08.00 - 18.00
Tuesday: 14.00 - 17.00
Wednesday: 08.00 - 18.00
Thursday: 10.00 - 18.00
Friday: 08.00 - 15.00
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

Route, contacts
E-mail: konyvtar [at] tok [dot] elte [dot] hu, kolcsonzes [at] tok [dot] elte [dot] hu
Phone: 487-8148 (information, circulation), 487-8155 (workrooms), 202-3859 (fax, dean's office)
Library code: B2_600
Route: From South railway station (Déli pályaudvar) 3 stops with tram number 59, or 2 stops with bus number 139 (Tartsay Vilmos street).

Who can register?

Students of a certain course

Details of registration

  Library use:


  • The Library registers the visitor’s name and the number of  his document of identity
  • a. 1 - basic services are available for visitors free of charge: information on library and library system services, use of catalogues, on-site use of parts of the collection selected by the Library

  Registered readers

  • during registration the Library issues a personal, not transferable reader’s pass with a barcode, which is necessary for using library services
  • for issuing the reader’s pass the following criteria are needed: a document of identity, verification of student status with a valid student identity card or verification of ELTE employment, reader’s name, mother’s name, place and date of birth, address, number of ID card or passport
  • in case of foreigners enrolled in a Faculty training a certificate issued by the Faculty is required
  • by filling out and signing the personal form the reader accepts the rules of library use and computerized borrowing
  • changes in data (name, address, change in student status, etc.) shall be reported immediately
  • library membership is valid for half a year and shall be renewed after expiration
  • graduate students are required to submit the Library’s certificate confirming that they do not have any pending debts to the Educational Department before receiving a degree
  • professors and employees of ELTE shall also submit the Library’s certificate about the settlement of their debts after the termination of their employment

Parts of the collection - selected by the library for that purpose - can be borrowed. Extension, reservation and for the professors of the faculty inter-library loan is also possible.

There are self-service luggage storage cabinets available in the lobby of the library, which are to be used compulsorily during your visit to the library. Coats and large bags (from October to May) must be placed in the basement cloakroom because the library does not take responsibility for the unattended values.

Internet use and word processing is available on 15 computers free of charge, among which one is equipped with Jaws screen reader program for the blind and visually impaired readers. The use of personal computers and storage media are allowed.

WIFI is available in the reading room and in parts of the adjacent corridor. For a password please contact the librarians or IT staff.

Readers of the library may ask for information about different topics:

  1. about the library’s catalogue
  2. about the library’s staff
  3. about the place of a book
  4. the service is available personally, on phone and e-mail.

As basic services: on-site use of the reference library located in the reading room.

Additional amenities include: on-site use of the protected special collections (e.g. theses)

Registration is available for students of the faculty as well as for university students, current and former university professors, employees of ELTE, ELTE Alumni members (entitled to discount after membership certification) and other external readers according to the specified tariffs.

Photocopying (black and white and colour), self-service photocopying.

Extension and reservation is possible in the library. The reader will be notified (via email or phone) when the reserved items are ready for pick up. The loan period for compulsory readings is one week and may not be extended. In case of documents with limited number of copies the loan period is 2 weeks and can be extended once. In case of other documents the loan period is 4 weeks and the due date can be renewed once.

Name Position Title E-Mail Phone
Ilona Bodnár library head 487-8155, 487-8100 / 6955
Marianna Bendefyné Képes librarian kepesmariann [at] caesar [dot] elte [dot] hu 487-8100 / 6948, 6955
Dóra Lakatos librarian 487-8100 / 6948, 6955
Katalin Lázárné Obbágy librarian obbagykati [at] gmail [dot] com 487-8100 / 6948, 6955
Attila Polán IT staff polan [dot] attila [at] tok [dot] elte [dot] hu 487-8100 / 6949
Rita Rábáné Németh librarian (on leave) riti22 [at] citromail [dot] hu 487-8100 / 6948, 6955
Krisztina Réder librarian rederkrisz [at] caesar [dot] elte [dot] hu 487-8100 / 6948, 6955
Lászlóné Wallendums librarian wallendumsm [at] caesar [dot] elte [dot] hu 487-8100 / 6948, 6955

Our institution as the successor of Buda State Training-school Institution founded by József Eötvös in 1869 traditionally educates teachers of children ages 3-12 years old.

As basic task ELTE Library of Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teachers Training provides support for students at BA level in Faculty's basic vocationals: teacher, nursery school teacher and the newer infant educator and early childhood educator courses with up-to-date library services, the library also provides bibliography service which supports professors' applied and developmental researches. There are Faculty's students participate in higher-level vocational training, students and professors of other ELTE faculties, students of other national teacher training institutes, and foreign guest students among the constant readers of our library.

Library automation development started in the 1990s. First of all, the bibliographical database was created. In 2000 the Institute was merged into ELTE's structure, and the Library became a non public library of the University. The Library has been using University's common integrated library system (Horizon at first, and now Aleph) since 2005 to assist in cataloguing and circulating.