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Electronic call slip service in the University Library

Utolsó módosítás: 2016-04-10 18:19


A new electronic call slip service starts on 5 January 2015 at the ELTE University Library for enrolled readers. This service partly replaces the previous paper-based call slip system. By using our new service you can start a direct request anytime and anywhere.


You need to be logged in in order to start electronic booking. You can log in at opac.elte.hu




This service is unavailable for readers whose membership expired or reached the maximum limit of borrowed books. In both cases you will receive an automatic message.

After finding your document (e.g. book, periodical), please click on „Request Expand Booking”.




After this, you will see the electronic call slip form.




First, you have to choose the place where you would like to pick up your books:

  • University Library Loan Service – borrowing
  • University Library Reading Room – documents for use within the library only (Documents that can be used only in the Library Reading Room.)

„Date of your reservation” means the interval while the document is available for the Reader. This field is automatically filled in. In case of borrowing, the maximum is 2 working days, and 10 working days in case of books for use within the library only.

Your booking transaction (for both places) can be finished by clicking on the „OK” button at the bottom of the form.

The system automatically fills in the compulsory fields if there is only one record of a copy (i.e. Vol. 25, 2014, Issue 11.)

When only intervals are given (Vol. 1. 1990 – Vol. 15. 2004), you have to fill in further fields:

  • Year (compulsory field)
  • Volume
  • Issue or date (compulsory field)
  • Author
  • Title

If you work with consolidated data, missing records will not be marked in the system. In this case, ask help from one of our librarians.

The „OK” button will be active only after you fill in every compulsory field.

After clicking on „OK”, you can start a new search.

You have to be logged in at opac.elte.hu if you want to track your previous online requests („User ID/Barcode”, „Request Expand Booking” menu).

In order to protect your personal data, please always sign out of the system.

For further information do not hesitate to contact our colleagues in person or by email at info [at] lib [dot] elte [dot] hu. You can also chat with us at www.konyvtar.elte.hu, or simply call the following number 06-1-411-6500 ext.: 3411.