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Fernzugriff von digitalen Inhalten für ELTE-Bürger

Utolsó módosítás: 2013-08-31 13:06

If you are a student or an employee of ELTE, you can have remote access from your home to the e-books in the online catalogue of ELTE libraries, to databases prescribed by ELTE and to online versions of periodicals (if their prescriprion includes this option).

To remote acces a caesar-ID is needed, obtainable through the Client-gate of ELTE' Department of Informatics (IIG)

As ELTE student you can use the Stunnel service with your caesar-ID, more about theis here (in Hungarian, sorry). After installing the utility program to you home PC you can search in the databases in the Database menu of the website, by clicking name of the database. Content of e-books included in the catalogue are also accessible this way and you can use all sites, download-sites, online periodicals accessible from ELTE-network, if you have the authorization to them.

As ELTE-employee you can claim to VPN-access as well. Claim and installing of utility program is similar to the one described at Stunnel, yet outbound communication of your home PC runs with an ELTE IP address in this case.

Obtaining caesar-ID has several further benefits, as for instance getting a full-value ELTE e-mail address (more)

As most descriptions are in Hungarian, pls contact IIG for further information

Tel: 411-6950, 411-6500/1950
Email: titkarsag [at] iig [dot] elte [dot] hu